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We picture a world where your smile gives you confidence in yourself.

We Believe In…

Your Self-Esteem

At Smiles at Lakewood Ranch, we know that getting back a great smile gives you a big confidence boost.

Eating What You Want

Imagine a pain-free mouth and not having to constantly worry about watching what foods you can and can’t eat.

Life-changing Dentistry

Image how your life changes when you reverse years of tooth damage, pain and embarrassment.

At Smiles at Lakewood Ranch, you deserve to feel great about your smile!

Welcome to Smiles at Lakewood Ranch, your home for a new smile and life-changing dental care! Our dentists and dental staff are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a bright, beautiful, and healthy smile. Watch this video to meet Dr. Jacob Berger, Dr. Courtney Fridella and Dr. Bryce Opps. You’ll see that we like to have fun with each other, our staff and our wonderful patients. The doctors can’t wait to meet you!

We understand the normal anxiety that many people feel at the prospect of a visit to the dentist’s office and that finding a new dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience. So, we have designed our facilities with your comfort in mind and our top priority is to make your visit as convenient and stress-free as possible. When you call us at 941-216-3803 to make your appointment, we will be happy to find a time that works best for your busy schedule and answer any questions you may have about our facility or services. Our experience and commitment to continuing education in the most up-to-date procedures and technology will let you relax in the knowledge that your dental care is of the highest quality.

Dr. Jacob Berger on life-changing dentistry with ESTEEM Dental Implants

Watch as Dr. Jacob Berger explains why he focuses on life-changing dentistry. With the leading-edge power of the ESTEEM Dental Implants procedure, Dr. Berger is reversing years and years of tooth pain, broken teeth and chronic mouth problems. The results are amazing and the impact on patients just like you in the Lakewood Ranch, FL area is very real.

Meet Your Dentists

Your Lakewood Ranch Dental Dream Team

As Dr. Jacob Berger focuses on full mouth restoration with ESTEEM Dental Implants, Dr. Courtney Fridella and Dr. Bryce Opps have the Lakewood Ranch, FL community covered with all the dental services you need. Learn more on our Smiles at Lakewood Ranch website pages.

Comprehensive dental services offered by Smiles At Lakewood Ranch

Brownstown Dental Care Office

Esteem Dental Implants

Dental implants have the potential to change people’s lives and give them the new beginning they deserve. Esteem Dental Implants are a cutting-edge procedure that, as the name implies, restores your self-esteem!

Family Dentist in Brownstown, MI

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dental implants have the potential to change people’s lives and give them the new beginning they deserve. Esteem Dental Implants is a cutting-edge procedure that, as the name implies, restores your self-esteem!

Dental Implants in Brownstown MI

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are feeling down about your smile’s appearance, the world-class cosmetic dentistry services at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch can restore your smile’s beauty. Fast, effective, and safe, cosmetic dentistry is a minimally invasive option for improving your smile.

Dr. Bryce Opps


Your Lakewood Ranch neighbors might be straightening their teeth right now, and you’d never know! Invisalign is today’s best discreet smile improvement option. It’s effective but hardly noticeable! Plus, it’s a “cool” alternative to traditional metal braces for kids & teens.

Cosmetic Dentist in Brownstown, MI

Gum Disease

Guess what’s a leading cause of tooth loss? Yes, it’s gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. With advancements in detection and treatment, Smiles at Lakewood Ranch can discover periodontal disease early and begin treatment before complicated issues arise.

Brownstown Dental Office

Comfortable Dentistry

Dental implants have the potential to change people’s lives and give them the new beginning they deserve. Esteem Dental Implants is a cutting-edge procedure that, as the name implies, restores your self-esteem!

Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

At Smiles at Lakewood Ranch, we serve patients of all ages. Dr. Benefield’s friendly and patient-centered family approach is appreciated by patients from not only Lakewood Ranch, but other nearby towns and beyond.

Dr. Courtney Fridella


Our comprehensive endodontic / root canal treatments are done in-house at our Lakewood Ranch dental office. Our patients appreciate this “one-stop” dental treatment approach because it saves valuable time and effort.

Smiles At Lakewood Ranch Building At Night

Emergency Dentistry

You never know when a dental emergency can arise. Whether the cause is an injury or some other cause, be sure to give Smiles at Lakewood Ranch a call right away when the need comes up. We’re here for you.

We picture a world where people's lives are changed through a confident smile


A Smiles At Lakewood Ranch Dental Patient Case Study

Watch as Dr. Jacob Berger walks you through an ESTEEM Dental Implants case review. Dr. Berger is especially passionate about the planning phase where his has to carefully select and size the right components and envision a beautiful smile for you that will change your life. As he says, "We get you to the smile of your dreams by using a well planned process with the best materials and the best systems that are safe and predictable."

Why Choose Us?

Our Team
Your smile is in good hands! The dentists, hygienists, and technicians here at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch have the education and experience to meet all your oral health care needs. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of dental care through on-going training and continuing education in the latest techniques and equipment.

Our Philosophy
Because oral health is integral to overall health we strive to provide comprehensive, lifetime care to our patients in the Lakewood Ranch, Florida area. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your immediate needs and establish preventative dental care that ensures your smile will last a lifetime!

Our Atmosphere
By combining a calm atmosphere with the latest technology, we have created a place where patients receive the level of dental care they need and deserve. The moment you walk in our front door, our team will make you feel comfortable, secure, and well cared for. We understand that many people feel anxious about visiting the dentist, but you can be assured that your comfort is our top priority.

Over 1,000 5-star Reviews For Smiles At Lakewood Ranch

Take a look at what your Lakewood Ranch, FL neighbors are saying! Dr. Jacob Berger, Dr. Courtney Fridella, Dr. Bryce Opps and the entire team at Smiles At Lakewood Ranch would like to thank our patients for trusting us with all of their dental care needs.

Serving Lakewood Ranch And Beyond With All Major Dental Services

Teeth Whitening
Over time, your teeth’s natural whiteness can fade or become discolored as the result of diet, personal habits, or simply getting older. However, the teeth whitening procedures we offer here at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch can restore the brilliance of your smile. The Zoom! teeth whitening method has a proven track record of dramatically improving the whiteness of your smile by up to six shades in a very short amount of time. We are happy to discuss your options for whitening and will work with you to determine the treatment that will make your smile look as good as it feels.

Corrective and Restorative Dentistry
Are you unhappy about the spacing or misalignment of your teeth? We encourage you to call us at 941-216-3803 and talk to our friendly, highly trained staff about our corrective dental procedures such as Invisalign® clear aligners. Invisalign treatment is a wonderful option for working adults because it produces similar results to traditional metal braces, but utilizes a series of custom-made, clear aligners that are virtually invisible. You are able to maintain your professional appearance and enjoy the dramatic improvement of properly aligned teeth without feeling self-conscious. Our team will work with you to determine what method works best for your lifestyle and dental needs. Make Smiles at Lakewood Ranch your home for Invisalign aligners in Lakewood Ranch!

Regardless of how meticulous you are about your oral health care, problems can always occur. These conditions can compound and lead to a bite misalignment, bone degeneration, or even further tooth loss. However, at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch, we can customize a treatment plan that will restore your smile and promote overall excellent oral health. Restoring your ideal dental structure not only improves your appearance and oral health but also prevents adjacent teeth from shifting and eliminates the discomfort of a misaligned bite.

Professional Teeth Cleaning
We recommend that you visit us at least twice a year for a regular check-up and professional teeth cleaning. A professional cleaning will remove plaque and tartar that brushing and flossing at home just can’t handle. Professionally eliminating this build-up of plaque and tartar helps to prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. The best dental care we can provide for you is preventative care. Regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning prevent small problems from becoming more complex and difficult to treat.

Innovative Technology for Dental Care
Here at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch, we utilize the most advanced, up-to-date technology in order to diagnose and treat dental problems with the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness. We use non-invasive, painless equipment to instantly produce high-resolution dental images that allow our dentist to identify problems such as tooth decay, worn enamel, gum disease, or micro-fractures that would normally remain undetectable and untreated.

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Dentist Reviews Lakewood Ranch, FL

While many of our loyal dental patients travel hundreds of miles to see us, most of our patient come from Lakewood Ranch, FL and the surrounding areas. We have many 5-star reviews and testimonials from nearby communities such as:

Fruitville, FL
South Bradenton, FL
Bradenton, FL
Palmetto, FL

Bayshore Gardens, FL
Sarasota, FL
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Saint Petersburg, FL
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Lakewood Ranch, FL
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You deserve a smile gives you confidence in yourself.

We are dedicated to offering the best dental care to our neighbors in Lakewood Ranch, FL and surrounding areas such as Desoto Lakes, Braden River, Foxleigh, Oneco, North Sarasota, Whitfield, Bayshore Gardens, South Bradenton, West Samoset, Bradenton, Elleton, Plametto, Memphis and the greater Southwest Florida region.

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Full Mouth Restoration

Have missing or bad teeth? ESTEEM Dental Implants help you chew and smile with confidence. LEARN ABOUT ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS...

Cosmetic Dentistry

You can finally get the Smile Of Your Dreams with expert cosmetic dentistry techniques from Smiles At Lakewood Ranch. MORE ON COSMETIC DENTISTRY...


Ready for beautiful straight teeth without ugly metal braces? Invisalign aligners are the easy way to guide your teeth to the perfect position. INVISALIGN CLEAR ALIGNERS...

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Want to learn how you can look your very best? LEARN ABOUT BOTOX...

General Dentistry

Our friendly, state-of-the-art dental office with multiple dentists and a fully trained dental staff is the perfect Lakewood Ranch dental office to come for general and family dentistry. FAMILY, GENERAL AND PREVENTATIVE DENTISTRY...

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"We picture a world where people feel great about their smile."

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