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The Smiles At Lakewood Ranch Dental Office Is Designed With Your Particular Needs In MindĀ 

Welcome to our state-of-the-art dental office! We pay particular care in how we’ve designed and configured the office. Your comfort and your smile are the most important things to us and the office is a big part of how we ensure a great outcome for you.

Searching for a dental office where cutting-edge technology seamlessly blends with top-tier care? Welcome to our modern facility, specially designed to offer you an unparalleled dental experience.

Check out the photos and videos on this page and you’ll see that a lot of great results come from the magic within these four walls.

Photos of The Smiles At Lakewood Ranch Dental Office

Videos of The Smiles At Lakewood Ranch Dental Office

Dr. Berger pitches in with his handyman skills.

Dr. Berger shows you how to get comfortable at the dentist’s office

The office hallways are great for exercise challenges as well!

On some days, Dr. Berger makes great use of the outdoor space as well.

Exam room, hallways, front desk area

Secret Exit

A Beautiful Smile Restored!

In this Smiles at Lakewood Ranch case study, our patient Rosetta explains how she had an accident and broke her front tooth. Another dentist told her some bad news and, wow, is she glad she came to the experts at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch instead!

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