Dr. Jacob Berger, Lakewood Ranch Dentist

You deserve to laugh around your friends and family.

Meet Dr. Jacob Berger, Lakewood Ranch Dentist.

Dr. Berger is all about transparency with his patients, his co-workers, and everyone that he comes into contact with. Watch this video and you’ll immediately see how open and honest he is.

One way to get to know a dentist is to go through his bio and profile. You’ll find Dr. Berger’s education history and professional affiliations below. In addition to checking out his credentials, however, we invite you to watch the videos on this page and throughout the Smiles At Lakewood Ranch website. to get a real sense of Dr. Berger as a person.

Dr. Jacob Berger’s Profile

Dr. Jacob Berger's Mission

“My mission is to care for my patients with compassion, empathy, and a healthy sense of humor. I strive to provide the best dentistry I can in order to be a leader in my field, as well as in my community. If I put the patient first, everything else seems to fall into place.”


Doctorate of Dental Medicine
ATSU – Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health – Mesa, AZ

Professional Development

Dr. Berger is an active member of the Hispanic Dental Association, American Dental Association and the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry. In addition to duties at Smiles at Lakewood Ranch, Dr. Berger also serves as Regional Doctor Mentor of Operations at Heartland Dental.

Personal Interests

When he isn’t practicing dentistry, Dr. Berger enjoys spending quality time with his family. In his free time, he likes to play basketball, lift weights and enjoy outdoor activities. His past career was barbering in the Tampa area! Dr. Berger attends church regularly and uses his Sundays to catch up with his family over lunch.

Watch These Videos From Dr. Jacob Berger To See How He’s “ALL-IN” When It Comes To Your DREAM SMILE.

Dr. Jacob Berger on your dental concerns and FAQs

We picture a world where people’s lives are changed through a confident smile


A Smiles At Lakewood Ranch Dental Patient Case Study

Watch as Dr. Jacob Berger walks you through an ESTEEM Dental Implants case review. Dr. Berger is especially passionate about the planning phase where his has to carefully select and size the right components and envision a beautiful smile for you that will change your life. As he says, “We get you to the smile of your dreams by using a well planned process with the best materials and the best systems that are safe and predictable.”

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